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You Won’t Believe How Excited I Am About Saucepans

By 17/02/2015 2 Comments

Yep, saucepans. I was wandering through Myer checking out all the newest appliances, cutlery, crockery, baking trays. You know, all the things that I don’t really need because I already have dozens of them, but the things I love looking at just to find out what’s new. You see, I often spend time poking around, lifting lids, picking up dishes, lifting, shaking, stirring, pretending I’m in my kitchen alá Jamie Oliver. The only thing I don’t do is start chopping plastic display fruit. That’s taking it a bit too far. And it doesn’t have to be Myer. I can have the same amount of fun in an op-shop, or a market stall, a kitchen shop or a bric-a-brac store.

But I have to be on my own. I get a bit self-conscious if anyone is watching, but if I’m on my own, watch out. I’m cooking up a virtual storm. Actually, watch out. Security in the store have their own reality TV show if only they tune into their CCTV footage. Luckily for me they can’t vote me out.

And on this particular day some blue saucepans caught my eye. I often wonder if I was a bowerbird in a past life. Anything blue and sparkly and I’m there. Anyone that knows me knows that I love blue. But I don’t think I’m obsessed. Not like my mother was obsessed with green. I haven’t taken it as far as she did. I mean we seriously had green wallpaper and green carpet. And, get this, we had green forest wallpaper in our toilet so you felt calm and relaxed when you went to pee. Seriously. She was obsessed with green. I love blue but I’m not obsessed. Actually, I’m probably not the best person to comment on that. Ask a family member and they may tell you differently. Anyway, a bowerbird was a distinct possibility for a past life of mine.

What surprised me most was that I liked the green saucepan. I’ve changed. The colour was once banned from my house. And now I find it slowly creeping into everything. Heck, it’s even in my business name. What.is.happening.to.me?

It turns out I like the orange one too. And the red one. But I drew the line at pink and purple. The tom boy in me just couldn’t bring myself to purchasing pink and purple saucepans.

saucepans are usually not something that people get excited about but when I saw all these colours I just couldn't resist.

Sweets and greens, and blues and reds


Have you ever purchased saucepans based on colour?

What would you love to see cooked in these?

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  • Robyn says:

    I do remember that forest wallpaper – in fact who could miss it???

    I’m rather like you re checking out kitchen “stuff” – it can be a bit embarrassing though when you find you’re actually stroking the appliances because you want them so much…I’m a happy little vegemite because just after Christmas I bought a new food processor and blender that just make my heart sing! The problem is working out where it can be stored in the kitchen. And don’t get between me and my mixer.

    Also, I’m not surprised that you didn’t buy the pink or purple saucepans – they’re definitely not you.

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