Healthy vegan recipes even non-vegans will love.

Apple Cinnamon Bread

Apples and cinnamon go together like peaches and cream. They are two flavours that are timeless. Add some apples and cinnamon to any baking and success is almost guaranteed. There’s [...]

Sweet Stuff June 2016

This is called Sweet Stuff and I’m going to share some of the things I’m sweet on each month, the things that could become your new favourite things. I was thinking of calling it the [...]

Is Vegan Cheese Really Cheese?

Is vegan cheese really cheese? Or should it be called cheeze? Or should there be another completely different name for it? It’s a question I get asked all the time. Why is vegan cheese [...]

Dehydrators – Are They Worth It?

A number of years ago I went to a raw food class. None of the food they made needed a dehydrator, but as raw food cooks they did talk a lot about the advantages of owning a dehydrator. And I [...]

Mushroom and Lentil Shepherd’s Pie

One of my favourite winter meals is a pie. It’s full of vegetables and usually has a nice crisp pastry topping. But there’s something even more warming on a cold winter’s night [...]

Patatas Bravas

I’ve been learning Spanish for the past six months and one thing I learnt to say very early on was patatas. You see I love hot chips (fries) and I love roast potatoes and I’m a little [...]

Nut Free Muesli Bars

A number of years ago, in what I call a previous life, I was a primary school teacher in New South Wales. I taught children from around the ages of five to twelve for about 15 years. During this [...]

Zesty Sweet Potato Balls

A few people had a little giggle the last time I wrote about balls. I know, right. Maybe it’s the company I keep. Anyway, let’s hope they’ve matured since then because these [...]

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