Healthy vegan recipes even non-vegans will love.

Berry Ripe

Do you remember the chocolate bar called Cherry Ripe? The rich dark chocolate, the plump, luscious cherry and the moist coconut combined to create a decadent bar. But I haven’t had one in [...]

Fruit and Nut Balls

Raw balls are so popular now. No one ever ate balls when I was growing up, but now they are almost the snack of choice. Go to any cafe and on the counter they will probably have a jar of raw [...]

Tom Kah Soup with Kelp Noodles

I had never eaten Tom Kah soup before attending the Raw Food Module of Veet’s Vegan Cooking School. My experience with Asian soup was pretty limited but now I know more I can eat more. Tom [...]

Cooking with Vegan Cheese

Something I hear all the time is “I could never give up cheese.” Well, now you don’t have to. Cooking with vegan cheese has never been easier. I published a post with 40 [...]

Alternative Chef Kitchen

Do you love cooking shows? There are so many around at the moment and they have sparked a rise in the number of people taking an interest in cooking. I love that more people are starting to get [...]

Overnight Oats

Overnight oats are one of the most versatile breakfasts that you can have. There really is no set ingredient list, just use what you’ve got, whether that’s a little or a lot. Oats, [...]

Vegan in Barcelona

Are you vegan or vegetarian and heading to Barcelona? Wondering what food you will find? Being a vegan in Barcelona is quite easy if you know where to look. Despite being known for its jamon [...]

Sweet Potato and Ginger Soup

Are you a ginger fan? If so then you’re going to love this. If not, read on, I’m sure we can find a way to still be friends. Everyone loves a good pumpkin soup. Okay so maybe [...]

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